Irina Pichura


Irina is the Founder of Career Manifestations and is a career coach for heart-centered professional women. She provides career coaching at all stages of the job search process, including finding the right job, interviewing, and offer negotiation.

A New York City native, Irina is a Fordham University alumnus and has 10+ years experience as a recruiter for Fortune 500 companies, such as ADP, top international law firms like Kirkland & Ellis and Davis Polk and some of NYC’s hottest tech startups.

She is obsessed with helping women carve out amazing careers and find their dream jobs. Whether it’s through 1:1 private coaching, her digital course or her free facebook community, Irina is dedicated to bringing her expertise and experience to help as many women as possible.

Her coaching style is efficient and to the point – there’s no fluff – just realness (she’s a true New Yorker).

She believes that women are far too fabulous to settle in any area of their life, especially in their careers!

Loves: the gym & yoga, Shark Tank, traveling

Irina’s areas of expertise include:

  • Resume and cover letter development
  • LinkedIn optimization
  • Networking strategies
  • Interview skills
  • Post interview follow up
  • Offer and salary negotiation


Latest courses by this instructor

“Trying to figure out how to answer the questions of salary expectations at a new job?

I personally prefer a concrete number, rather than a range for two reasons: 1) you’re telling the company to decide for you 2) you invite an opportunity for an offer that’s at the bottom of your range (and even go lower).

The general rule of thumb is a 15-20% of your current salary. If you’re still unsure, do research on Salary.com, Payscale.com, Linkedin Salary and Indeed Salaries.”

Your online application gets processed by ATS

"The applicant tracking system (ATS) helps recruiters by scanning for contextual keywords and key phrases, scoring them for relevance and showing only the most qualified ones to the recruiter."

Add a Customized LinkedIn URL

"Today, you must add your LinkedIn URL to your resume in the contact section. Recruiters are going to be checking your profile before they make the decision to call you, so make it easy for them to find you, by adding a live hyperlink to your profile."

Create a personal website

"Your website can include your resume, work samples, blog articles, etc. Taking the time to create a personal website will show employers that you have the technical compacity to create something on the web and be impressive to anyone who’s looking for an innovative employee."