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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone gave you a roadmap and showed you exactly what to do to grow your dream business?

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a new way to learn online

What's Lerna?

A Reward System

We're an online course hub rewarding students like you for learning new material. We want to pay you $10 for each week's homework you turn in. No more waiting for the deal to drop. YOU'RE in control of your discount!

Curated Courses

Screened instructors? We got those! There are thousands of courses on the web without any quality control. It's the Wild Wild West of courses! You can take a risk buying a $200 half-baked course or you can buy from a place that does the QA for you.

Lifelong Change

Look, you're never going to grow if you keep putting it off to tomorrow. Our mission is to make your life centered around actionable next steps and concrete planning and we use positive behavioral reinforcement to achieve that.

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Check out the courses from our curated expert instructors. 

Scared of buying a course for a hefty price tag that you might not be able to finish? What if it doesn't work?

This is why we built incentivized learning.

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Find Your Perfect Class

Every single class is tailored to give your business a boost. Each chapter of the video is a week long and contains a homework assignment. Your instructor checks your work and ensures you're staying accountable!

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Complete the Homework

You have a week to complete and submit your homework. Your next chapter opens up at the end of the week or as soon as you submit your homework. Each week's homework is worth $10.

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Get Paid!

All homework assignments are actionable and tailored to your course topic. There's no right or wrong, you just have to apply what you learned. When homework gets approved, you get paid!


Our curated instructors are selected to give you the best course content and homework assignments so you can achieve your goals of making your business soar and smooth out life’s little hurdles.

You know what you can achieve so take action!

Make the choice to put Netflix on hold for 10 minutes a day and discover a passion that you’ll love having as your full-time job.

Whoever told you a business plan needs to be the size of War & Peace lied.

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