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That link or form on many or all of your website pages that says something like “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” is a little like asking them to fill out a form that offers “Unlimited and unsolicited emails you’ll find uninteresting.”  Sorry, but the average first-time website visitor usually has absolutely no interest in your newsletter.  Why not quit offering it and just give it to them?  Ah, but you don’t know who they are.

Step 1:  Site Lead Generation

You’re probably already doing this, but it is a required first step.  On your pages with visitor-valued content, place offerings of more exclusive information or freebies to get them to give you their contact information.  This could be a lead generation form offering a “special report” related to the content of the current page they’re reading.  It could be a “confidential report of mistakes made by your customer types.”  You’re getting the idea.  You give them quality and valuable information on the site, but you offer them more exclusive content via an email to get their contact information.

Step 2:  Drip Email

Now you’re going to go against some of the common practices of follow-up email marketing.  Drip email is scheduled and automated emails that go out to prospects once the site has their email address.  For many businesses, this becomes an automated process with little value and lots of intrusions into the prospects’ email inboxes.

Instead of creating a long stream of canned emails, most of which have little value to the recipient, drill down to valuable business-related content that you can put into 3 to 5 drip emails, no more.  Each should have a strong subject line to get them to open it, and each should have content that they will find interesting and valuable.  One other hint to cut your early unsubscribes dramatically:  Tell them in the first email that you’re only going to send them # Emails.  This takes away the fear that you’re going to bombard them with stuff they don’t want.

Step 3:  Create Strong Emails They Will Want to Receive

Make every email a stand-alone product or service description, explanation, or instructional piece.  If you segment your prospects well, then you should be able to tailor the emails to their specific interests.  As an example, real estate agents would have segments for buyers, sellers, etc.  Then you can create emails that address their needs for information and hit their hot buttons.

In every one of them, have some sort of call to action and a link to relevant content on your website, but you don’t have to do a strong sales pitch.  The idea now is to allow the interested people to take action, but not to drive away the others who will unsubscribe.  The internet isn’t all impulse shopping, so you want to allow them time and space to do their research.

Step 4:  Last Drip Email Puts Them on the Newsletter List

You told them how many emails you were sending at the start, and this is the last one.  You still make it valuable and informative, but now you also tell them you’ve moved them to your exclusive newsletter list for monthly (or whatever timeline) informative newsletters.

Notice the difference in the process.  Instead of saying “Sign up for Our Newsletter” when they have no idea of what it is like or the information it offers, you are showing them in advance.  Now you’re presenting it as an extension of your great emails to keep them informed.

Follow these steps, and you’re going to see your newsletter subscriptions and your sales explode. 

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