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You might not have heard of us before and that’s OK. We’re the new kid on the block of the bigdaddy course platforms. We like those guys, but we aim to give your students something different.

Lerna goes beyond simply offering online course makers a platform to share their knowledge with students. Our mission is to change habits with positive reinforcement and ensure students get actionable results through extrinsic motivation paired with intrinsic motivation.

Nataliya Ogle Lerna CEO

The purpose isn’t to simply offer positive reinforcement for good behavior so doing lessons is associated with positive outcomes. The purpose is to emulate what psychologist Alan Kazdin calls “repeated practice.”  We’re essentially introducing a set timeframe for the student to repeat a behavior with the full knowledge they will be rewarded.

We’re commonly exposed to the idea that it takes roughly 21 days, or three weeks, to form a new behavior. Unfortunately, that’s not the full picture. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology by Phillippa Lally indicates it takes on average 66 days to form a new behavior.

Our courses are constructed on a drip schedule of one module a week to ensure students spread the positively rewarded behavior over the course of several weeks to get into the habit for a behavioral change. The aim is to ensure students MAKE the time in their schedule and continue to block off that time for a positive behavior, such as learning a new skill.

In short, the reasoning behind the incentivized platform isn’t simply what it provides at face value- a direct and simple compensation for a desired outcome. We’re attempting to build a whole environment for the student on a subconscious level where they receive a cue that they have the ability to control their learning situation and make time for long term rewards as well.

- Nataliya

Founder & CEO


Nataliya Ogle


Seven years experience as a self-starter and creative professional. I graduated Fordham University with a B.S. in Psychology and have been looking looking for a challenge in applying my psychology knowledge with IT experience. 
Currently building out an incentivized online learning platform, Lerna, with the aim to increase online course completion rates and increase learned material retention.

Andrew Lavryshyn

Tech lead

As an experienced startup developer and someone who’s used to wearing many hats, Andrew assists with everyday technical operations, bug resolution and product improvement at Lerna.