You don’t need to spend hours on your business plan. These are the questions that will define your business.

The Lerna Launch and Other Major Goals for 2019

I first came up with the idea of Lerna in May 2018. That was the inception date of the napkin idea that started a year-long journey to develop an incentivized learning product. I ran the idea by friends and family. My husband was a big supporter in the early stages.

How to boost your Instagram Influencer Salary by creating Online Courses on Lerna

The Best Way to Boost Your Instagram Influencer Salary

We all know at least one of the big names out there in the Instagram influencer community. They’re typically the ones earning the big bucks and wearing the newest shiny baubles. Their rates are typically commensurate to their follower base. What we don’t really hear about is that not every

This is step-by-step guide to create an online course that sells and your students love
Online Course Creation

How To Create an Online Course That Sells

We’ll be going over how to structure and create an online course that sells and helps your students achieve their goals! It may seem almost impossible and overwhelming when you actually sit down and begin outlining your online course.  Ideas may churn, but you may not know exactly how much

Lerna Blogging Free Business Resources
Blogging Resources

50+ Free Business Resources for Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Sometimes, the best part of being an entrepreneur is simply finding all the cool toys and gadgets you can use to grow your business. There’s a lot out there and to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, we curated over 50 free business resources you can use right now to

Essential Photoshop Tools for Bloggers Entrepreneurs
Photography & Design

The 5 Photoshop Tools Every Blogger and Solo Entrepreneur Should Know

As we drown in mobile image editing software, Photoshop has taken a back seat and is mostly reserved for the hardcore photo manipulators. The truth is, the mobile apps will take care of the basics, but they will never be as powerful as Photoshop and the Photoshop tools described. There

improve your photography guide to manual photography Lerna
Photography & Design

Improve Your Photography With This DSLR Camera Guide

It’s pretty much the norm these days to have professional photography on a blog. When we all started out, we could get away with some iPhone snaps and photos that were perfectly imperfect. Then more and more of us started investing in DSLR cameras and shooting auto mode. The next