You don’t need to spend hours on your business plan. These are the questions that will define your business.

The 7 lessons I learned as an online business owner

7 Hard Lessons I Needed To Learn As An Online Business Owner

It wasn’t always like this. Running a company wasn’t something that I transitioned to and said “Oh cool I can make money doing what I love.” It was a scary transition at first. I was so used to working for someone else. I’m a super disciplined rules-stickler (I blame my

4 Quick Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

4 Quick Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Coming up with ideas for my blog is a lot easier than it used to be. When I started writing, I basically left the blog post ideas and articles until the last-minute moment. I’d often wait until the day of the post to figure out what I would write. In

Guide on how to optimize images for the web and blog
Website Optimization

You Need To Do These 5 Things to Optimize Images for the Web and SEO

  Let me start by saying something completely generic yet always appropriately relevant when we talk about blogging and images: a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, let’s scale that back a bit because it’s more accurately worth about 100 words. Aka, for every 100 words you write, you should

A Photo Blogger's Secrets to Taking Amazing Pictures for Your Blog

How To Take Good Pictures: Tips From A Blogger

I only got serious about photography in the recent years, and only when I started blogging. Never mind that I took photography courses in college (view camera and regular film camera). I’m one of those people who randomly gets inspired and has creative spree days and then puts the camera down

Skyrocket Website Traffic with Pinterest Marketing Automation
Social Media

How to use Tailwind to automate Pinterest marketing

Automating your day-to-day marketing tasks is a top priority so you can focus on other resource intensive tasks in your business. Unlike the slew of the usual social media platforms, the nature of Pinterest automation allows for scheduling weeks ahead of time and requires little to no supervision. Tailwind is perfect