You don’t need to spend hours on your business plan. These are the questions that will define your business.

Landing Page Design Examples that Convert leads into customers

Ultimate Landing Page Design Principles That Will Surge Your Conversions

Let’s talk about something semi-boring but very effective and essential when it comes to marketing, landing pages. Specifically, I want to go over landing page design with you and show you how you can get more customers, readers and a captivated audience looking for what you have to offer! What

Lerna SEO Audit Tools Bloggers
Website Optimization

15 Important SEO Audit Tools That Every Blogger Needs

Whether you run a site of your own or you work for a client, SEO can make or break a webpage’s popularity. Many factors contribute to the way search engines rank a given page. Unfortunately, search engines are not at all open about their calculations. The right set of SEO

The Quick Start Pinterest Traffic Strategy For Massive Growth
Social Media

The Quick Start Pinterest Traffic Strategy For Massive Growth

Many bloggers can vouch for the power of Pinterest traffic. One of your top priorities as a small business owner or blogger should be a Pinterest strategy. Pinterest can convert online sales and reach more people with the intent to buy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Blog Design Secrets That Will Make Your Blog Amazing

Blog Design Secrets That Actually Make Your Blog Amazing

Are you aware of the qualities that make a blog unique from the rest? What’s a good blog design? The particular traits of those blogs may be what attracted you to read its content in the first place. A good blog brings value to those who are reading it.  

Marketing Your Small Business Like a Pro: 10 Tips to Help You Succeed

10 New Ways to Think About Marketing Your Small Business

A small, online business doesn’t have the team or the resources to market like a big company. A small business tends to be more agile. Marketing your small business should focus on providing immediate results and on generating conversions. 1. Keep up with your data Are you checking your data

6 Tips to Build a Positive and Productive Company Culture

6 Tips To Build a Positive & Productive Company Culture

Processes have a time and a place in any person’s productivity tips arsenal. Elon Musk has a new process, and it errs on the side of anti-establishment. Long story short, in his letter to Tesla employees, he lists out six productivity tips. He believes these have a massive impact on