How To Set Up Canned Email Responses in Gmail

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Save Time with Gmail Canned Email Responses

Save Time with Gmail Canned Email Responses

Canned email responses are a lifesaver for bloggers who receive multiple inquiries about collaborations and entrepreneurs who receive more emails than they can go through in a day. Even a simple “Got your e-mail! I’ll look over it and respond in 48 hours” response can be helpful if you have a full mailbox. You can use fairly generalized templates as responses so they can be modified slightly as needed.

These canned e-mails can be reach-out e-mails for brands as well as response templates. When doing reach out to brands or customers, make sure to personalize the general template! There’s nothing worse than sending canned emails to numerous people and getting flagged for spam..or being seen as that person who doesn’t even take the time to research the company.

Set Up Canned Email Responses in Gmail

1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and go to “Settings” screen.

Step 1: How To Set Up Canned Emails in Gmail

2. Click on the Labs tab on top, scroll down and find “Canned Responses” section and click Enable. Scroll down and click Save.

Step 2: How To Set Up Canned Emails in Gmail

3. Go back to your main mail screen and hit “Compose” to compose a new email. Write an e-mail you’d like to be a canned template. Finish it up and click the down arrow next to the trash can on the bottom bar. Hover over Canned Responses and click on “New Canned Response.” Name your template and click OK.

To use a canned response in an email chance, simply hit reply, click on the arrow on the bottom, select Canned Responses and Insert the template that’s appropriate to auto-fill the reply email.

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