4 Quick Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

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4 Quick Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Coming up with ideas for my blog is a lot easier than it used to be. When I started writing, I basically left the blog post ideas and articles until the last-minute moment. I’d often wait until the day of the post to figure out what I would write.

In my second year of blogging, I decided to start an editorial calendar. I literally planned out my entire year ahead. I was overambitious. The schedule didn’t stick. But the most amazing thing happened out of this exercise: I had a year of blog post ideas in front of me! So when I was stuck, I referenced my little planner and chose out of the myriad of ideas I brainstormed months before.

Where It Starts

So this is my first piece of advice to you: brainstorm all your blog post ideas ahead of time. Pick a day every month and just start writing down everything you’d like to talk about. If you want to do it for the month ahead, go for it. I typically don’t confine myself to a number and let everything flow out freely.

You can choose to separate your brainstorming into categories if you have several major categories you like to discuss on your site (i.e. fashion blog post ideas, beauty blog post ideas, opinion pieces, etc). You can also try a blog post idea generator like Buzzsumo or Hubspot.

Come up with blog post ideas using the following methods:

1. All of your blog posts should have some sort of question you ask of your readers. Your audience is the best way to gauge what to write about next, so use this to generate content that will excite your readers. By asking questions about what your audience finds helpful, or what they’re struggling with, you’ll be better equipped to produce content that will get plenty of traffic because it’ll be answering questions that many people may have.

2. Read other blogs in your niche! Use other blogs as your inspiration. Chances are, if many other blogs are writing about a topic, it’s a topic that is generating viewership. Check out your competition and get inspired. There are many ways of improving on a topic that was already written about before. 

3. As mentioned above, use a topic generator when you’re completely stuck. Look into what’s trending in Google searches to get inspired, or check out Twitter.
Blog post ideas generator hubspot landing page

4. Find something amusing to post. People love a good dose of entertainment, so if all else fails, go ahead and post an amusing puppy or kitten video.

A blog that’s not updated often with fresh, good content is not a blog anymore. Posting consistently makes readers come back often. In addition, by posting consistently, Google ranks your content higher since it sees you as an active website.

What’s stopping you from posting on a consistent schedule?

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