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Having a Facebook business page helps establish your business presence online. With Facebook having over 2 billion monthly active users, you can leverage your page to promote your business or brand.

However, not a lot of people know how to fully maximize the features of their Facebook business page. While creating a page is easy, there are still a lot of things that must get done.

The following Facebook page tips and tricks might help you out:

Create a custom username

By default, Facebook will give you a random vanity URL. That makes it difficult for people to recognize and access your page via Search or Messenger. By creating a custom username (e.g., @mypageonline), people can easily go to your page or even message you by simply typing your username. To create a page @username, you must be logged in as the admin of your page.

Schedule posts

Scheduling your posts enables you to publish content in advance. By doing so, you can publish posts at times when you’re not active. You can also post at crucial hours even if you’re away for a vacation or business trip.

Not only that, by scheduling posts you get to save time and spread out your posts instead of just posting them in one go.

Upload videos

There’s a surge of video content proven to increase user engagement. By uploading quality videos regularly, you are more likely to attract the attention of users compared to posting simple texts. When sharing videos, it is best to upload it directly to Facebook instead of merely sharing a link of a video you uploaded somewhere else.

Upload photos

Posts with photos perform better than those with only text. When uploading photos, make sure they fit Facebook’s standard image size and quality. It is also good to post shareable images like customized quotes and infographics. Avoid posting photos with tiny or oversized text and other distracting elements.

Set up a “call-to-action” button

The “call-to-action” (CTA) button prominently placed at the top of your Facebook business page will help users understand what you want them to do after viewing your page. You can customize this CTA button so that users can quickly message you, visit your website or buy a certain item from your shop.

Pin important posts

Pinning a post allows you to highlight something from your page. A pinned post will stay at the top spot of your page for as long as you want, which is an excellent way to catch people’s attention. You can pin important news and updates so that your page followers can readily see them. It is also a good way to share time-limited offers like giveaways and discounted sales.

Enable auto-reply for Facebook Page

The auto-reply feature lets you respond to people who message you even when you’re away. It also gives people the assurance that you’ll get back to them as soon as you can, which helps you gain their trust and make them feel that you value their time and interest.

Populate your page with quality and relevant content

When using your Facebook Page, you must be consistent. Make it a habit to update your page regularly, but don’t spam. Share relevant, entertaining, and informative content. People will eventually like or follow your page if you have enough quality content to keep them engaged.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also utilize Facebook’s other tools and features to promote your business. One good example is Facebook Live, with which you can do live-streaming sessions for important events and product announcements.

When done right, your Facebook Page could become an invaluable marketing tool to promote your business. If you still haven’t gotten the chance to work on your page, then you better do it now.

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1 year ago

Great post! My personal page has tons of privacy stuff so I only share with friends – my business pages need to be ‘out there’ – scary for me! How do I get my pages ‘out there’? Musician btw xxx