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Sometimes, the best part of being an entrepreneur is simply finding all the cool toys and gadgets you can use to grow your business. There’s a lot out there and to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, we curated over 50 free business resources you can use right now to grow your business!

Feel free to send anything you find useful that was missed in this article and we’ll add it in!

Free Business Resources

Marketing & SEO

Keyword Research Course: Exactly what the title implies. Learn how to research keywords for your blog articles.
Content Marketing Curated Resources Directory: A complete stack of step-by-step content marketing resources.
Portent Title Generator: Helps generate titles and ideas for your blog posts.
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Analyzes your blog headlines for their impact score.
Wordroid: Come up with innovative and quick names for your website or product.
Lean Domain Search: Search for available domain names based on a particular word.
Beetle: Email marketing research with aggregate emails from all top brands in one place.
SendPulse: SendPulse creates a user behavior profile for each subscriber based on their communication preference, time zone, content, layout, product purchases and many other unique data points.
Lead Flows: All-in-one conversion pop-ups for your website
MarketPlan.io: The easiest way to plan, execute, analyze and optimize your marketing strategies and funnel.

Writing & Content Creation Resources

7-Day Writing Plan: Write every day to improve the skill.
Google Trending Topics: Research hot topics people are currently searching for in Google.
Editorial Calendar (WP Plugin): An easy editorial calendar plugin to manage your post schedule.
Grammarly: Basically, your online AI editor!
Hemingway App: Similar to Grammarly. An easy way to edit your text and improve readability.
Audacity: A free easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Auphonic: Auphonic is an automatic audio post production web service for podcasts, broadcasters, radio shows, movies, screencasts and more. (First two hours per month are free.)
Cognifyd: An online editor that analyzes words, phrases, structure, and tone to give constructive feedback on written business communication. (This isn’t spellcheck.)

Blog & Content Optimization

Content Locker for WordPress: Make posts or parts of posts private.
SiteLiner: Free and fast analysis of your entire website – duplicate content, broken links, internal page rank, redirections and more. Also creates an XML sitemap.
Compressify: Compress your video files online for free.

Business Resources

UXPressia: Create your buyer personas online quickly and easily. Limited free trial.
Docracy: Open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.
Wave: Free online accounting for your business.
SlimVoice: Simple invoice creation.
Invoicely: Another quick and streamlined free invoice generator.
Scout: Hire people for a job quickly.
Task Code: Task manager with a unique data input system
Do Things That Don’t Scale: “We occasionally hear about the unscalable things founders did via interviews, podcasts and Medium posts. There’s no single home for these hacks however, so I decided to build a crowdsourced database with real stories, from real people.”
The App Launch Checklist
Actionable insights on how to successfully launch and grow your app.
Zipsell: Helps you set up an online store for selling digital products such as ebooks, videos etc.


Hipster Logo Generator: Generate a hipster logo. Enough said.
SquareSpace Logo: Another logo tool.
Logaster: You guessed it, it’s logo time.
Canva: Easily design your blog graphics.
Stencil: Create free images for your blog or social media.
Inker: Create vector graphics online.
TypeAnything: Typography tool to create and test font combinations for your projects.
Font Flame: Tinder for font matching.
Typio: Fonts that go together.
ColorHunt: Color palette explorer.
LOL Colors: Cool color combinations.
Layers WP: WordPress theme that makes it easy to edit every single aspect of your blog quickly.
noShit: A list of top quality free design resources for your next project. All the resources listed on the website are free for commercial use.


Unsplash: Free stock photos.
Pexels: Free stock photos.
Death to Stock Photo: Free stock photos.
PicJumbo: Free stock photos.
Microsoft Pix: A.I. photo app to help you take better pics.
Online Photography Course: Master the basics of DSLR photography.
Lumoid: Rent your camera gear.

Social Media

The Psychology of Snapchat Marketing: Principles that keep the Snapchat community going.
Pepper Filters: The quickest way to make your own Snapchat geofilter.
Tailwind: Automated Pinterest scheduling
Buzzweb: Calculates a post value for every influencer on Instagram. We provide a fair post value based on a variety of factors, such as their audience size and quality, engagement rate, followers’ location, and niche.
Free Teleprompter: Making videos for social media? Use a free teleprompter to record without hiccups!

Main Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

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Have a question, need advice, or want to share a better way of doing things? We're all ears!

Have a question, need advice, or want to share a better way of doing things? We're all ears!

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