10 New Ways To Grow Social Media Followers

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Grow Your Social Media Followers

Real talk, it’s hard to grow social media accounts organically these days. When Instagram first came out, getting quick followers simply by posting semi-decent content was a shoe-in. Try posting a photo of your donut now and you’ll probably get a few likes, if that.

All is not lost!

You simply need to shift your strategy. And maybe save the donut pic for your best friend (if you’re both into sharing donut pics with each other.)

A lot of your social media growth will come from how close you stick to the strategy you lay out. Let’s take Instagram again as our example. Posting great photos is a must now, and you need to take things a step further. Lay out photos ahead of time for a themed feed. Check out the Lerna Instagram feed to see how we plan it. We like gradients, so our Instagram feed is a slow gradient. The color theme changes every week or so.

Instagram aside, here are the ten tactics you can start using now to formulate a strategy that works for you.

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  1. Every one of your social media posts needs to sell your audience on some value they’ll receive.

    Basically, what’s in it for me? Only a small percentage of your post is actually for you. Your goal is to give your followers something of value with every single post. Think about it from their perspective. They’ve come to your post to find something that either inspires or educates them. If the image reeled them in, make sure the text makes them stay.

  2. When engaging with your audience, ask them questions.

    Don’t end it at their comment. Try to engage them in a meaningful discussion by asking questions. This allows a casual passerby to turn into a long-time follower. If you post a picture of a burger and they say “Yum, I love burgers!” you can then ask “Which toppings are your fave??”

  3. Plan out live content.

    With Facebook and Instagram featuring stories, it’s becoming more essential to go live for your audience and leave them fun videos to watch. This is one of the top ways to reach your audience and get more eyes on your content organically.

  4. Consider follower personalities (and appeal to them.)

    There are different online personalities, essentially mimicking real life counterparts. Many followers tend to stay quiet and reserved. Provide them with lots of value to continue getting their support. On the opposite end are the A-types of the social media world. They love connecting, sharing and being part of the conversation.

  5. Network with “celebrities” and influencers.

    Don’t be afraid to actively engage with influencers with a  bigger following. Whether it’s via direct messaging or with consistent, thoughtful comments. This strategy works very well on Twitter especially. Start by getting a handful of influencer handles you can engage with o a consistent basis.

  6. Pay up.

    Gone are the good ol’ days of social media wild west. Most of the established platforms need some sort of paid ad strategy to keep attracting new eyes. Paid ads aren’t just confined to big brands and pro marketers anymore. In order to get ahead, you need to learn how to run effective ad campaigns.

    Gone are the good ol' days of social media wild west. Most of the established platforms need some sort of paid ad strategy to keep attracting new eyes. Click To Tweet

  7. Switch things up!

    Don’t keep your content the same. People get bored! While it’s important to deliver in your niche, you should switch up the type of content you deliver. Go for videos or feature one of your follower’s posts!

  8. Consider running a webinar.

    This is a great way to get new eyes on your content and promote your social media feeds. A free webinar allows people to learn something of value for free while you get the added benefit of promoting your social handles.

  9. Make a course!

    Setting yourself up as an industry expert adds further credibility for your accounts. Your courses need to teach something you have been confidently doing for years as part of your career or life strategy. The added benefit of having an ongoing online course is the added revenue stream!

  10. Run a giveaway.

    When running a giveaway, make social media following or a share/retweet as part of your entry strategy. Give people some options and don’t only pigeon-hole them into following you as a way of entry. Either way, target the first giveaway to people who are more likely to be interested in your product. Choose a giveaway product that aligns with your brand and gets a relevant audience interested!

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