How to use Tailwind to automate Pinterest marketing

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Skyrocket Website Traffic with Pinterest Marketing Automation

Automating your day-to-day marketing tasks is a top priority so you can focus on other resource intensive tasks in your business. Unlike the slew of the usual social media platforms, the nature of Pinterest automation allows for scheduling weeks ahead of time and requires little to no supervision.

Tailwind is perfect for solopreneurs and budding startups looking to discover great content and build up a queue to attract more traffic. The platform allows for quick queue creation and content discovery so you don’t waste time browsing.

Instructor: Angie Gensler

Angie gets over 2 million Pinterest views a month! Her breakout Pinterest course teaches all the basics of Pinterest profile setup, how many pins to pin every day and how to set up your pins to spread virally.

What is Tailwind and how does it help your Pinterest marketing?

Tailwind is an automation software for scheduling and monitoring Pinterest and Instagram. It allows you to batch schedule all pins ahead of time so you don’t have to schedule on a daily basis. Since Pinterest doesn’t act like a social media platform, you don’t need to interact with the users or focus on your follower numbers. Your primary goal is to deliver useful and inspirational content to the Pinterest users in a visually appealing way.

This goal comes with the strategy of making public boards filled with useful and inspirational content. This is where Tailwind can help you. You can quickly find these pins and schedule weeks worth of these pins to attract users to your Pinterest profile. You’ll then want to weave in your own website’s useful and inspirational content to drive users to your website. Having a visual, branded strategy will allow your traffic from Pinterest to grow as long as your information is useful for your target audience.

How does Tailwind optimize your Pinterest marketing?

We’re not focusing on building your follower numbers here, but having followers helps increase the chances that your pins get repinned. Your primary goal with Tailwind is filling up your queue with 15-20 pins a day to various boards targeting your ideal audience, who will then be interested in your website content.

Below is an image of a sample Tailwind schedule we use at Lerna. These times are optimized for our content, timezone and our audience. You will have Tailwind suggest the best times for you when you set up your profile.

Tailwind pinterest marketing scheduling tool scheduler

The optimized schedule frees up your time by adding any drafts you save from your Pinterest profile or website to a board of your choice. Speaking of drafts, you can pin directly from your website in Tailwind ‘Drafts” view or you can choose to browse their suggestions for pins related to your content. This allows quick discovery of content.

Pinterest marketing Tailwind lerna

In a nutshell:

  • It schedules your posts at the best times for your audience.
  • Reschedules content based on your set intervals.
  • Provides discover-able content related to your pins.
  • Shows your Pinterest profile, pin and board analytics.
  • Provides access to ‘Tribes’ which function like Tailwind group boards (meaning, more people repinning and discovering your pins).

The basic tips for using Tailwind for Pinterest marketing:

  • Install the Chrome extension to automatically queue when you browse. You can save the pin as a draft or you can schedule right away. If you have a robust Pinterest list that you follow and repin from, you can click on the extension and select all the pins you need to queue from the Pinterest homepage. Alternatively, you can queue up all pins from a private board you make for yourself on Pinterest.
  • Set the timezone of your target audience in your Smart Schedule. If your target audience is in the same timezone as you, set your timezone. But remember, you can generate the ideal pinning schedule based on your targeting. once you set your time zone, you can click ‘Generate New Smart Schedule’ on the top right.
  • Using the extension, you can save all pins you want to schedule from Pinterest as drafts if you’re short on time. Once you’re ready to schedule, go to your drafts folder and enter the board names for your pins.

    Pinterest marketing Tailwind lerna drafts

    Scheduling directly from the Pinterest main page with Tailwind extension

What’s the Step by Step Process?

I’ll let the subject matter experts take over here since the Tailwind crew put together a helpful explanation video.

You can try out the scheduler yourself with no commitment: Tailwind one month trial*.

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*This post contains affiliate links, so if you choose to sign up for a premium membership after the trial, you will help us get a month of Tailwind free. This in no way influences our decision to continue using Tailwind and we love the product no matter if you choose to sign up for a full subscription or to simply give it a go in your business!

Main Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

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