The Best Way to Boost Your Instagram Influencer Salary

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How to boost your Instagram Influencer Salary by creating Online Courses on Lerna

We all know at least one of the big names out there in the Instagram influencer community. They’re typically the ones earning the big bucks and wearing the newest shiny baubles. Their rates are typically commensurate to their follower base.

What we don’t really hear about is that they’re an exception to the rule and not the norm. Most Instagram influencers and bloggers don’t earn a consistent salary.

Being an influencer or having a large following doesn’t mean you’re making bank. Influencers who have several thousand to several tens of thousands of followers are called micro-influencers .

This base of influencers typically works with brands for smaller product sponsorships with smaller budgets and exchanges for products. They frequent events and post with brand tags without padding the bank account like the bigger names.

If you’re in that category, you might be looking for a way to get collaborations and increase your brand reach. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to pitch to brands and land sponsorships.

These are the influencers I want to talk to you about today.

Instagram Influecer salary article styletomes modeling for rimmel cosmetics
A Rimmel campaign I did for Halloween

Who Am I to Tell You How To Earn?

I worked as an influencer for several years, getting steady sponsorships and producing the content for brands like La Mer, Cartier, MAC, Aveda, Rimmel and others in the beauty/fashion space. The partnerships were amazing and I loved every single one of them, but the salary was not enough to fully sustain myself in New York City.

The Instagram influencers I see right now are able to tap into much greater earning potential and get a steady stream of income while still doing the same, fun partnerships with brands they love!

That earning potential? Creating and selling an online course.

Find courses that will pay you.

Sign up for latest course launches, promotions and special deals!

How can a course bump up the typical Instagram influencer salary?

Unlike brand partnerships, a course is evergreen, if planned correctly, and you have full control of it. Meaning, instead of being at the mercy of quarterly advertising budgets, you can sell your course wherever and whenever because of the audience you’ve built out!

Your course can essentially keep selling for YEARS, consistently. This means several years worth of sales without a lot of effort on your part!

Here’s the deal, unless you’re a celebrity, you won’t be able to earn enough from advertisers to live comfortably. Now, if your goal is to become a celebrity, then more power to you! Keep on doing what you’re doing and hopefully you reach a point where you can get consistent large sponsorships.

If you would like to grow your business and you name while earning a livable wage, then your best bet might be to launch your own products or services you can sell on your own terms.

You Have a Selling Advantage

Marketing a course is 10x easier for an Instagram influencer than it is for a typical teacher. Why?

Dean Street Instagram Influencer Salary Courses Marketed on Instagram
Hilary Rushford is a great example of an Instagram influencer who leveraged her position to sell consistent courses on the side. She intersperses her course sales between her other content and brand partnerships.

So why don’t more influencer create courses and double or triple their income instantly? Simply put, it seems daunting and most don’t know where to start! In addition, there’s a healthy dose of self doubt thrown in. “I never thought of myself as a subject matter expert. How do I know what to teach?”

Finding a topic to teach boils down to your passion and what you’re good at. Your topic is at the crossroads. This is most likely centered around what people follow you for in the first place!

A few ideas to get you started:

  • If you have followers already you’ve reached influencer status for a reason. How about teaching your audience how to build that into their strategy? For example:
    • How to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic
    • How to increase Instagram engagement organically
    • The step by step guide to building up a brand on Instagram
  • What do your followers love about you? Are you a beauty Instagram influencer? Go beyond the basics of a makeup tutorial and teach about finding the perfect colors for your complexion. A fitness Instagram influencer? Teach a course about creating an individualized fitness plan and sticking to fitness goals. A fashion influencer? Teach about making money by reselling clothes and the different ways to make extra money from your closet!
  • A few ideas to get you started:
    • How to style food photography
    • The perfect formula for flatlay photos
    • How to make money using affiliate links
    • How to integrate a self-care routine into your schedule

We’ve got a more in depth structure to finding your profitable course in this article.

How can you leverage your Instagram influence to sell more courses?

Having your audience as in Instagram influencer means they trust you and your choices. They know your life and your voice. They also know you’re not a random marketer or scammer. You are real and accessible to them.

So what does this mean? It means that they are willing to follow your advice through that trust!

If you commit to providing them with the best content possible and you aim to teach them something useful, they will trust the decision to purchase a course from you. Don’t worry about the fact that there are many other courses on the topic you choose. They’re there because of YOU, so use the opportunity to give them more knowledge.

Seeking information and trying to find new ways of doing something will always be in demand, whether or not multiple courses exist on the subject. Think of it this way, if authors simply said “Well, there’s already a book in the genre and on this topic..” we wouldn’t have Harry Potter after Lord of the Rings. ­čśť

Where do you go from here?

The short of it is that your audience will purchase the course because they trust your skills. Let’s say you’re a makeup influencer and your followers know that you blending techniques are AMAZING. They will be more likely to trust that you will impart the knowledge you display in your posts when you launch the course.

Get started with establishing your Instagram presence and thinking about your next course with some of the following handy guides we put together for you:

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get motivated to learn and do more.

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