Working from home Lerna instructor

Become a thought leader. Earn passively.

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money just for talking about things you’re passionate about? Yeah, we think so too. We also think you shouldn’t have to pay to share your knowledge. 

We recognize that as an entrepreneur with limited resources it’s difficult to come up with monthly fees. Therefore, unlike other platforms, there are no monthly fees! We only get paid as a portion of revenues generated.

We take care of uploading, formatting and promoting all your content (yup, we even make your course-specific ads) so you can focus on providing the best educational material possible.

What’s the catch? There is none. You’ve really got nothing to lose by applying. We look for excellent content that can benefit the community. If you’re interested in applying to become an instructor, click “Start Selling Your Courses” below, fill out the application and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

There are no exclusivity agreements, so if you currently have a course that you’re selling on other platforms or on your own website you can continue to do so! You can have your course here, free of charge, as an extra revenue stream.

How It Works:

  • Submit your course idea.
  • Break down your course into a weekly curriculum for your students.
  • Develop worksheets for each week with actionable items for the student – each submitted worksheet earns the student $10.
  • Set the price of your course. If your course is 10 weeks long (with 10 homework assignments) and you want to earn at least $100 from its sale, you should set the price to $200. This gives you the potential to earn $100 at a minimum if a student submits all coursework, and $200 at a maximum, if a student doesn’t submit any coursework.

Please note, sometimes we can’t respond to every application if it’s not a good fit at the time, but your submission will be filed away for consideration for future use.

Features to start, sell & grow


Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You sign up and upload your courses absolutely FREE. No credit card required.

I currently have a course on another platform. Do I have to remove it?

No. You can keep running sales on any other platforms you already have your courses on. We do not have an exclusivity clause and you are free to sell anywhere since all the content is your own. We do ask that pricing remain the same across the platforms.

I have a course, but I don't have the time to make new homework or upload the videos to the site. Do you offer onboarding?

Yes! We will fully set up your course on Lerna at no cost to you. Need homework? No problem. We’ll take care of making homework questions for the students. We also provide transcription and subtitles for all our courses for FREE.

Who owns the content I upload?

All content belongs to the instructor at all times! You will forever own the content and we will never claim ownership of it.


We take care of payment processing for you with full Stripe integration. All information is secure and directly tied to your Stripe dashboard. You can connect your bank account directly and request payouts through your dashboard. Lerna operates on a 35% revenue share, which is significantly lower than other platforms. Your payment after the 35% rev-share has no additional fees. What if your course starts selling like hotcakes? We’ll switch you over to a monthly payment plan to make sure you get more $$!

DO you have a course hub?

Yes! Your courses will be featured in a central hub where students can discover your content without any extra promotion from you. 

can you create my course?

Eventually, we’d love to offer you our help with course creation. But as of right now, the best we can do for you is offer feedback on how you can improve your course. Once you become an instructor with us and submit a course for approval, send us an email to hey@golerna.com and we can offer you help in improving your course (and selling it for more money as a result)!