Become a Lerna Instructor
Earn cash for your learning stash

Become a thought leader. Earn passively.

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money just for talking about things you’re passionate about? Yeah, we think so too. We also think you shouldn’t have to pay to share your knowledge. 

Unlike with other platforms, there are no monthly fees! We take care of uploading, formatting and promoting all your content so you can focus on providing the best educational material possible.

What’s the catch? There is none. You’ve really got nothing to lose by applying. We look for excellent content that can benefit the community. If you’re interested in applying to become an instructor, fill out the form and we’ll review the application!

If you currently have a course that you’re selling on other platforms or on your own website, feel free to apply! You can have your course here, free of charge, as an extra revenue stream.

How It Works:

  • Submit your course idea.
  • Break down your course into a weekly curriculum for your students.
  • Develop worksheets for each week with actionable items for the student – each submitted worksheet earns the student $10.
  • Set the price of your course. If your course is 10 weeks long (with 10 homework assignments) and you want to earn at least $100 from its sale, you should set the price to $200. This gives you the potential to earn $100 at a minimum if a student submits all coursework, and $200 at a maximum, if a student doesn’t submit any coursework.

Please note, sometimes we can’t respond to every application if it’s not a good fit at the time, but your submission will be filed away for consideration for future use.