Angie Gensler Lerna Instructor


Angie is the founder of AngieGensler.com, a social media and digital marketing blog. She teaches busy entrepreneurs how to market and grow an online business without the hustle or tech confusion.

A professional marketer turned blogger, Angie worked as a corporate marketer for over 10 years. After receiving her MBA in 2010, she quickly worked up the ranks until she was head of marketing for a $150 million dollar business.

Despite her perceived success, she was miserable and felt called to do more. In 2016, she started AngieGensler.com, a social media and digital marketing blog, and grew it quickly using social media. In 2018, she was able to quit her six-figure job and went on to build a 7-figure business and life she loves.

Angie’s tips on social media and Pinterest marketing have featured on Social Media Examiner, Thrive Global, the Art of Paid Traffic podcast, the Your Online Genius podcast, the Social Media Online Summit, and several other sites.

She believes it’s possible to grow your business without the hustle and overwhelm and she focuses on creating online courses and digital products to help busy entrepreneurs grow their business with joy and ease.


Latest courses by this instructor

“All my testing helped me discover three surefire Pinterest strategies that work together to create what I call the Pinterest Traffic Trifecta!

The 3 Surefire Pinterest Strategies are: Pinterest Group Boards, Tailwind Tribes, and Promoted Pins”

Join Pinterest Group Boards

"Group boards look and act like regular boards, but instead of one person adding Pins, multiple people add Pins to the board.

When you join a group board, your content will potentially be seen by the other contributors to the board as well as the followers of the board."

Use Tailwind Tribes

"Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling and management tool. Tribes is a feature within Tailwind that allows you to collaborate with other marketers and bloggers to share content on Pinterest. Tribes are like group boards on steroids and one of the most effective traffic driving strategies available."

Leverage Promoted Pins

"Promoted Pins are paid ads on Pinterest and they look like regular Pins in the feed. Pinterest has an intuitive ads platform which means you don’t need to hire an expensive ad strategist or spend hours learning the platform before you figure out what works. "