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In 2015 Kelsey decided to turn her blog into a business, building it from the ground up. She hustled my way through countless sleepless nights to become the brand + biz strategist, podcaster, author, and educator she is today.

Helping others make an impact with their message and achieve their wildest dreams is her JAM. Now Kelsey is on a mission to to help entrepreneurs set smart goals, CRUSH them, and create a thriving business that fills them with joy – without all the sleepless nights and hardships I had! 

Kelzsh created these programs for movers, shakers, and risk takers who don’t want to build their dreams alone. To put it simply, we’re better when we link arms with each other, and we can go farther together.

You’ll never hear Kelsey say the sky’s the limit around here because there IS no limit to your potential. Together you’re going to make it happen and watch each other SOAR.

So if you’ve been looking for a mentor, some guides, or some friends on the journey, welcome home!

  • Instagram Strategy
  • Business + Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Honing In On Your Message
  • Podcast Coaching


Latest courses by this instructor

“My number one strategy when building your audience for your brand is to develop an ideal consumer for your brand and determine where they are spending their time online.

Gone are the days of growing platforms for the sake of numbers – 500 relevant listeners are better than 5k ‘fluffy’ numbers. 

Think about where your ideal podcast listener is hanging out online and build relationship with them there! Connectedness is KEY!”

Quality over quantity

Go after a quality audience and stop chasing meaningless vanity numbers!


Podcasting is all about connecting with your guests and your audience. Start building that connection on relevant networks.

Think of your avatar

Who is your customer? Who are you speaking to? What's their name and story? This is the beginning of your brand!