Ultimate Landing Page Design Principles That Will Surge Your Conversions

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Landing Page Design Examples that Convert leads into customers

Landing Page Design Examples that Convert leads into customers
Let’s talk about something semi-boring but very effective and essential when it comes to marketing, landing pages.

Specifically, I want to go over landing page design with you and show you how you can get more customers, readers and a captivated audience looking for what you have to offer!

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages, also called squeeze pages, are simple call-to-action pages serving the purpose of capturing a person’s information (a lead).

The lead can be someone interested in getting on a waitlist for your product, someone looking for more information, a person who wants more access to what you have to say, or someone with intent to purchase a product and looking to get in on exclusive scoops/discounts you have to offer.

Basically, it’s a page that captures a person’s basic information so you can get in touch with them later on to provide them with relevant info.

If you’re a blogger, a landing page can help build out your e-mail list if you offer relevant information to your subscribers.

An e-mail list is still one of the best ways to directly reach your audience. It is not based on another business which controls your content exposure with algorithms (i.e. Instagram & Facebook), therefore it is the most reliable way to reach your people.

Let’s go over a few basics for an effective landing page design.

Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 1

Hired’s landing page design

Keep Things Simple

Don’t overcomplicate and inundate your audience with too much information. This is the page to offer your audience something of value that they might need or want, whether it’s a one time thing (a book) or a continuing series (newsletters).

Describe briefly, and preferably with bullet points, what you have to offer.

This comes down to understanding what your audience needs. You need to be able to provide value for your customers.

If you don’t know what they’re looking for, you won’t be able to convert passerbys into a tribe of loyal followers. Provide your audience with a solution to their problem.

The landing page is where you compile your most valuable solution points and package them up for your customers!

Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 6

A great example from Shopify for keeping things simple

Prove a Clear CTA

This is pretty straightforward. If someone is on your landing page, there should be only one way forward, and they should know what it is.

Here’s a helpful tip: it’s proven that people prefer personalized CTAs. That means instead of writing “Sign Up” as your call-to-action, choose something like “Sign Me Up!” or “I’d like to know more!”

The less fields in a form the person has to fill out, the more likely the conversion. Keep in mind though, more fields and the willingness to fill out more for the sign-up indicates a high level of interest and perhaps a more loyal follower.

You need to find the balance between the two depending on what type of list you’re building out.

Provide Value

It’s one thing to promise a solution, and another to deliver. Don’t be the person who provides a half-thought out answer.

Be thorough and provide them with VALUE! And don’t inundate people with too many choices- at a certain point that becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Get to the point and give people what you would want to get!

Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 2

Hubspot clearly provides the value you’ll be getting for free if you opt in

Keep in mind that your lead magnet needs to be compelling and actually useful. Your lead magnet is the free resource you will provide for your audience in exchange for them opting in to receive your updates or news.

There’s too much spam out there, so aim to give your audience the highest quality content you can.

Spend Time Perfecting the Copy

Your title is VERY important in capturing your audience’s attention! Do not skimp on time perfecting it and writing a compelling headline.

Most people will skim a headline and skip over the actual content  so this is your chance to make an impact.

You can say something like “Improve your career!” or you can go a step further with “87% of millenials look for career growth opportunities at their jobs! As an entrepreneur, you should 100% be fully invested in your career growth.

Start by getting daily productivity tips and developing your business plan with the resources below.”

The Eyes Zig-Zag

People start their journey on a page by looking at the upper left hand corner, then darting their eyes over to the upper right hand corner, then swooshing down to the left, diagonally and moving to the right again. Basically, it’s a Z.

Keep this in mind when placing your lead forms. Make sure to place the form either in the upper left hand or upper right hand corners, where the eyes “land.”

 Great Landing Page Design InspirationElements of an Effective Landing Page Design 3 Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 4 Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 5 Elements of an Effective Landing Page Design 7

Main Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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