What are easy ways to gain traffic by reusing old content?

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This is how to reuse old content to grow traffic on your site

(This article was originally published on Lerna CEO’s personal blog.)

So much a blogger’s job is to market our articles and bring exposure to grow traffic. No matter what platform you’re on, whether it’s WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, or Instagram, your intention should always be to bring eyes to your content and get new readers. That doesn’t always happen, though, so your best bet is to reuse old blog content.

Having evergreen content helps a LOT in reusing the old information and repackaging it for new eyes. However, there are ways to repackage old articles that aren’t necessarily evergreen. If you’re not sure what evergreen is, it’s content that’s timeless. An example is  a guide on wrapping a gift perfectly. This is something people search on Google no matter what the time of year (though obviously, some seasons are more popular than others).

How To Reuse Old Content to Get New Readers

  1. Related Posts Plugin: This one isn’t so much reusing as cleverly linking to get new readers. I’m surprised that not everyone does this! If you haven’t implemented this on your blog, do this as your first step in increasing the staying power of your audience. Personally, I use Jetpack, and it does a fantastic job!Grow Traffic with Related Posts Plugin
  2. Schedule social media around old posts: A lot of people forget to promote old posts! Just because you wrote it a year ago doesn’t mean it’s suddenly irrelevant today. You have all this content, so promote it! You need to spend most of your time on promotion!
    As an example: my last 30 days of top performing posts on Pinterest aren’t new articles, they’re just articles I re-pinned for extra exposure.
    Grow Traffic: Reuse Old Blog Content 
  3. Continue an old post: You can set up a part two (and a part three) as continuation of a topic you enjoyed writing. Check which posts performed well and what people liked reading. Expand on that information and link back to the old post.
  4. Compile similar posts: Make an aggregate post where you share your top 5 posts within the topic you’re discussing. For example, if Valentine’s Day is coming up and you have articles from earlier Valentine’s Days, link to these items instead of writing a whole new post.
  5. Deep link: Include links to previous articles you’ve written when you reference old information in a new article. I’ll sometimes link to different photography articles when I try to explain something new about photography. I also sometimes place “Related: Topic..” links between paragraphs and link to a related post that the reader might find interesting.
  6. Rewrite and republish: Use the old content as your basis to write a brand new article with some new info. Don’t delete the old article. Publish the new article with the new info and improved SEO. Voila!

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