The Lerna Launch and Other Major Goals for 2019

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Lerna Goals for 2019

I first came up with the idea of Lerna in May 2018. That was the inception date of the napkin idea that started a year-long journey to develop an incentivized learning product.

I ran the idea by friends and family. My husband was a big supporter in the early stages. I deeply respect his business acumen, so as soon as he said he sees the potential, I got to work.

Beginning of 2018 saw us fleshing out a product that can deliver an impact for students and develop a habit of life-long learning. By the end of the year, I had a development team working hard on putting the idea together and making it a reality.

I’m confident that 2019 will be even bigger, because this is the year that we’re doing the big reveal! I’ll be able to share my vision with you, both students and instructors. I fully believe we are in control of dictating our futures. This is your opportunity to not only earn money but learn a new skill that might very well change your life as well!

Our Highlights From 2018

2018 will forever be a big year for us, because this is the year Lerna was born! It’s the inception and it will forever remain iconic. I set out with several goals when I started building Lerna in May 2018:

  • To empower students to learn more and make more time for themselves through incentivized programs.
  • To ensure that our instructors get a captivated audience they can reach anytime and teach more than once.
  • Free hosting for instructors and no transaction fees.
  • Build out a complete course hub for students and instructors alike, allowing students to discover new courses they’ll love and instructors to get access to a new audience.
  • Free promotion for our instructors’ courses.
  • A homework system with every single course that will allow the students to earn money back from their course purchase.
  • Provide a comprehensive blog full of free information for driven entrepreneurs and instructors.

How We’re Going to Tackle 2019

As exciting as it is to celebrate everything that happened so far, I’m even more excited about what’s in store in the future.

  • We’re constantly vetting new instructors and great courses we can add to the hub. The focus this year will be fully on bringing on great talent. (Are you interested in teaching and empowering your own students? Apply here.)
  • Create a resource hub for instructors so they can provide a better experience for students.
  • Expand our Lerna team! Our hub is in NYC, but as the program expands, so will the team. Our eyes are set on adding an additional member for content creation and business growth.
  • Create a more comprehensive student and instructor dashboards that we can put into development by end of 2019.

What are your goals for 2019?

Drop a comment below and let me know how you’re planning on growing this year!

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Lerna incentivizes online course learning with a cash-back program for completion of course homework. The more course-work students complete, the more they can earn back from purchase price. We're here to see you succeed!

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Have a question, need advice, or want to share a better way of doing things? We're all ears!

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